Company Strategy



Company Strategy

So, That’s why WHEEL LIGHTING!


The brand name “Wheel” refers to one of humankind’s three most important inventions.

The meaning of the “Wheel” that we aim for contains the will to continuously reveal the future of humanity and open a happier world through creative thinking and technological innovation.

When written in Chinese, “Wheel” means 'The brightly shining sun'. (輝: Light to shine, 日: Sun)


The four colors of the company logo, designed to symbolize a wheel that never stops turning and takes us into the future, stand for the four pillars of Wheel Lighting’s corporate philosophy: creativity, technological innovation, our focus on environmental preservation, and our focus on safety.


The heart of looking at the brightly shining sun is Wheel Lighting’s  sincerity towards customers.

So, Wheel lighting will brighten your future, like a brightly shining Sun!

That’s right! Wheel Lighting!